1. What does PCI compliant mean? - PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. PCI compliant means that we and all our online banking providers adhere to set of security guidelines to ensure the security of the card details of the customer. TrixieLixie does not see any card details during the payment process. This is for your security and peace of mind.
  2. What sizes do your fabrics come in? - All the fabrics on our site are sold in 'skinny quarters'. This means the full width of the cloth [typically around 111/114cm] x 25cm in length. If you want 'fat quarters' [half width of cloth x 50cm] please specify in the checkout. We are happy to supply both.Fat quarter explanation
  3. How long are your ribbons? - All ribbons, pom poms, lace and trims are sold in 1 metre lengths. If you put '3' in the quantity box in the shopping basket we will send you a continuous 3 meter length.
  4. Do you send out samples? - We send out samples of all the fabrics in our lining fabrics and dressmaking fabrics sections. We currently do not send any other samples.
  5. Do you advise to wash the fabrics before cutting as I have noticed some sites do? - Yes, it is recommended that you wash fabrics before you use them for sewing. This is in case they shrink after you have made a garment. Some fabrics are more likely to shrink than others, such as cotton, and others, such as polyester, are unlikely to shrink at all. It is the unevenness of the shrinkage that will cause garments to look peculiar after that first wash. Many fabrics are pre-washed these days, but its not always obvious. Our advice is to wash all fabrics on a cool wash [40C].